We are proud to present you the results of the Border Union Show 2019

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DAIRY GOATS - Saturday 27th July
Milking Competition

All goats must be in the Showground by 6.00 p.m. on Friday 27th July to be stripped dry in the presence and to the satisfaction of the Chief Steward. Goats entered in inspection classes to be shown with full udders at 6.30 a.m. on Saturday 28th July. Straw supplied. This milking competition is held under the rules of the British Goat Society.

Prizes:           First £10, Second £5, Third £3.


Entry free for Classes 335 and 336 for goats already entered in Classes 317 to 322.

Golden Guernsey Classes will be amalgamated to any other variety class if there are not more than three entered.

ENTRIES will be restricted to CAE Tested animals.

Documentation confirming CAE status, MUST BE PROVIDED AT TIME OF ENTRY.

Earmark Nos. and BGS Registration Nos. must be clearly stated on the Entry Form.

No facilities will be provided for Goats from Scrapie Monitored Negative herds. Penning for monitored herds and CAE herds is available.

Entry Fee: £6.00 (Members £4.00) including VAT, to be paid at time of entry.

Closing Date for Entries: Friday 28th June 2019.