Our Story

The Border Union Agricultural Society (often abbreviated to BUAS) was formed at a public meeting in the Cross Keys Inn on 22nd January 1813 under the Chairmanship of His Grace, the Duke of Roxburghe. The aims were to give Premiums for the best stock of different kinds, for discoveries in agriculture, either in regard to tillage or the management of grasslands and for the new and improved implements of husbandry. In 1866 a number of local Societies joined together. Since then, the Society has grown in size and prominence, and though principally holds four annual core events, namely the Schools Day, the Championship Dog Show, the Border Union Show and the world famous, Border Union Ram Sales.

We also host many other events throughout the year, some of which, have no agricultural connection. The Membership to the Society of over one thousand is from people of both rural and urban backgrounds and their interests are looked after by an office which is open all the year.

The activities of the Society took place at various venues around Kelso and the surrounding area until the 1940s when the two events of that time, the Show and the Ram Sales, came permanently to Springwood Park. In 1953 at the winding up of Springwood Estate, the Society bought the forty six acres of parkland adjacent to the Rivers Tweed and Teviot.

With that Springwood Park, now known as the Borders Events Centre, was developed using some funding from various public bodies and the Society itself. The Borders Events Centre is a fantastic facility with a 1,000 sqm multipurpose exhibition hall and 46 acres of ground is available to hire for events.

Going forward, the Society hopes to see many further improvements to the site in the next few years.